Stunt Dolly arrived in Dalston in the October of 2012 — a carefully curated oasis dedicated to natural and organic hair care that doesn’t harm the planet.

Providing bespoke, nurturing and contemporary hair styling and colour, our vision is to be the salon of the community, welcoming anyone and everyone through our doors.

Who We Are

Partners Dean and David founded STUNT DOLLY in DALSTON, EAST LONDON in 2012, Dean bringing the hair styling prowess, and David a passion for nature, sustainability and home grown produce that has fed into a salon that uses only ORGANIC, CRUELTY-FREE and ETHICAL products.

Our Ethos

At Stunt Dolly, we are so passionate about limiting our impact on the planet and making everyone feel as included and comfortable as possible that it is the driving force for every decision we make.

Wherever you are in your ETHICAL journey, we can help you find the perfect   HAIR CARE solutions that work for you. We are proud to use ORGANIC, CRUELTY-FREE, VEGAN and SUSTAINABLE brands which share the same values as us – and still get great results.

EQUALITY and INCLUSIVITY is also at the heart of what we do, hence our GENDER NEUTRAL pricing structure. The cost of a haircut shouldn’t have anything to do with the gender you identify with, it should be based on  the length, texture and style of your hair. The cost of your cut will depend on the cut and styling and only this. Everyone is welcome here.


RECYCLING is key and we’re constantly trying to limit our waste. All of our crew are dedicated to disposing of products in a SUSTAINABLE manner. As a team we prefer to wear black, so that when they inevitably get stained with hair colour, they can be easily re-dyed rather than thrown out. We’re doing everything we can.

Whilst we know we can’t fix everything in a day, we are continually making adjustments and implementing new ideas. We’re constantly learning and growing and always open to hearing new ways we can do even more.

What To Expect

When entering the salon, you’ll  receive a warm welcome, not only from our teams but from the fluffiest of all maitre d’s – Dolly the Welsh Terrier. Each appointment will be set to the backdrop of one of our curated playlists and there’s plenty of magazines to keep you entertained. Relax on our outdoor terrace surrounded by tropical plants and herbs, and breathe in aromatherapy essential oils that gently scent the salon. So order an organic cuppa, sit back and unwind in a tranquil, friendly and peaceful space knowing that your hair, wellbeing and the planet are being looked after.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY touches can be found throughout the salon, even down to the use of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint on the walls and floors. To minimise the use of our most vital resource, water, we use Ecoheads at the basins which reduce water usage by 65% and BIODEGRADABLE, COMPOSTABLE towels made from 100% RENEWABLE bamboo All of our cleaning products are ECO conscious too and we only serve organic and FAIR-TRADE tea and coffee.


How We Did It

We spent three months lovingly kitting out our Dalston salon with upcycled furniture and  reclaimed materials whilst working hard to retain as many of the original features as possible.. Some of the unique pieces you’ll find in the salon include a 1950’s cabinet from the Natural History Museum, panelling made from antique Victorian attic doors and 1950’s lighting from a British department store and a high school gymnasium.

Customers Say

“I used to hate going to the hairdressers, but ever since I started coming to Stunt Dolly I’ve grown to look forward to the experience, rather than dread it. You instantly feel welcome and relaxed, and the crew are so open and friendly, and focused on giving you the best experience possible. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now, I feel like they know me and have helped me find a style that suits me whilst pushing me out of my comfort zone. A pretty perfect combination really.”

“I’ve learnt so much about hair care since I started coming to Stunt Dolly. The crew are so knowledgeable, not only about the brands they work with but about the best treatments and styles for your hair type. They also have easy to adopt tips and tricks that will ensure the health of my hair day to day. Before going, I didn’t really think about the environmental impact of my hair routine, but since talking to the guys I’ve become so much more conscious.”