Meet the Stunt Dolly Crew. Our talented and unique individuals share a little about themselves. We are sure you will find your perfect match or matches. Should your regular stylist be on their well deserved holiday or yoga retreat, at Stunt Dolly we all adhere to the same ethics and service that you have been accustomed to. And anyway we would never consider it cheating if you see another of our friendly crew!

Dean Tooley
Creative Director/Stylist

Most played song on your playlist: Good Morning Heartache by Diana Ross

Favourite way to unwind: A walk in the marshes with dolly, our welsh terrier

Favourite emoji: 

Favourite animal: Dog

Why organic is important to me: It’s an integral part of what makes the world go around

David Calicchia

Favourite way to unwind: Sitting in the sun on a beach reading a book

Favourite animal: Dolly, our welsh terrier & orang-utans

Favourite vegetable/fruit: Cime di rapa/White nectarines/Olives

Why organic is important to me: A way of life, a connection to nature, protecting and enhancing it without the use of chemicals and pesticides, in turn protects us.

Most played song on your playlist: Two Thousand and Seventeen by Four Tet

Greg Barthlemey
Salon Co-ordinator/Reservationist

Your star sign: Sagittarius

Your favourite vegetable: Courgette

Your favourite colour = Yellow

Your favourite emoji = ?

Most played song on your playlist: Free Me – Joss Stone ?

Mari Ajakainen

Stylist Level 3/Colour Technician Level 3

Favourite way to wind down: Good food and wine

Star sign: Libra

Favourite animal: cat

Favourite vegetable: leeks

Most played song: Portishead – Glory Box

Rita Ferraro

Stylist Level 3/Colour Technician Level 3

Favourite way to unwind:

Favourite animal:

Star sign:

Most played song on your playlist:

Favourite planet:

Aimeric Amiot

Colour Technician Level 2/Stylist Level 1

Apprentice/Future Stylist

Star Sign: Capricorn

Favourite Animals: Cats and Panthers

Favourite colour is Black

Favourite Star or Planet: Moon (although not exactly either!)

Favourite way to wind down: Is with a nice hot cup of tea

Dolly Dusty Doolittle
Maitre D’


Favourite way to unwind: Curled up on the chair in the front window of Stunt Dolly baking in the afternoon sun

Favourite song: I Only Have Eyes for You by The Flamingos (always makes me want to howl!)

Star sign: Sagitarius

Favourite vegetable: Carrots and peas

Favourite animal: Most dogs (obviously)

Karoline Cox
Freelance Stylist

Information coming soon