We created a GENDER NEUTRAL pricing structure back in 2016. The cost of a hair cut shouldn’t depend on how you identify, it should depend on the LENGTH, TEXTURE and STYLE of your hair. So if you’re after a short back and sides, or your hair falls far below your waist, the cost of your cut will depend on the cut and only the cut. EQUALITY is key. All you need to know about the Stunt Dolly terms are below, so please, read on!


Cut & Blow Dry £55 £63 £70 £75
Cut & Finish (short hair) £42 £47 £52 £56
Cut & Blow Dry (extra Long/thick hair & Re-Style) £65 £73 £80 £85
Colour - Cruelty Free/PPD/Ammonia free
Roots £70 £75 £80 £85
Gloss £60 £65 £70 £75
Full Head £90 £95 £100 £105
Highlights & Balayage
T Section £140 £150 £160 £170
Half Head Highlights £165 £180 £190 £200
Full Head Highlights £195 £210 £225 £240
Half Head Balayage £165 £180 £190 £200
Full Head Balayage £180 £195 £210 £225
Balayage Recreation (The Complete Story) From £210 £225 £240 £255
*Full Head Highlights and Full Head Balayage services INCLUDE Foiling, Babylights, Toner/Zone Toning, Olaplex, Basin Personalising and Post Colour Dry and Finish.

*T-section/Face Framing and Half Head Highlight/Balayage services INCLUDE Toner/Zoning, Olaplex, Basin Personalising, Foiling and Post Colour Dry and Finish.

*Additional Toner will incur an extra fee
Roots Bleach
Roots £140 £150 £160 £170
Roots >8 weeks £160 £175 £190 £210
*ALL Bleach services INCLUDE Toner, Olaplex and Post Colour Dry
*Creative Colour over Bleach services (see prices below)
Virgin Hair Application
Shaved From £80 £90 £105 £120
Above Shoulder From £170 £180 £195 £210
Below Shoulder From £190 £200 £225 £250
Extra Long/Thick/Extra Applications From POA POA POA POA
*ALL Bleach services INCLUDE Toner, Olaplex and Post Colour Dry *Creative Colour over Bleach services (see prices below)
Colour Correction
Colour Correction From POA POA POA ×
*ALL Bleach services INCLUDE Toner, Olaplex and Post Colour Dry *Creative Colour over Bleach services (see prices below)
Colour Add Ons
Fabuloso Colour Shot* £20 £20 £20 £20
Creative Colour (over bleach)* From £45 £55 £65 £75
* Add on Colour services MUST be booked with a colour.
Blow Dry & Finish
Above Shoulder £35 £40 £45 £50
Below Shoulder £45 £50 £55 £60
Extra Long/Thick From POA POA POA POA
Olaplex (with Colour)* £30 £30 £30 £30
Olaplex* (with Cut OR Blow Dry) £36 £36 £36 £36
KM Treat Me * £20 £20 £20 £20
* Add on Treatments must be booked with cut, colour or blow dry.
* Kevin Murphy (KM) Treat Me are available in Strength, Anti-Aging, Moisture and Thickening (your friendly stylist will advise on the day of you appointment).
Fringe Trim £7 £7 £7 £7
Fringe Cut In £20 £20 £20 £20
Clipper £20 £20 £20 £20
Beard £20 £20 £20 £20
Undercut £15 £15 £15 £15
All you need to know about our PRICING and TERMS.

Stunt Dolly has a GENDER NEUTRAL pricing structure. If you are unsure which service to book online, please call us first.

The prices are in order of the stylist level. Experience, Skill, Talent and Artistry to their craft and dedication to their career is reflected in our price structure.

A supplimentary charge may be added for extra long or thick hair.

All new Colour Clients require a skin allergy test at least 48 hours prior to service and a colour consultation. Call the salon on 02070182191. This way we can get right to the job at hand on the day of the service!

If you haven’t had a skin allergy test or colour service with our colour for 6 months you MUST have another allergy test. As everything in life things do change!

All our services are using Cruelty Free products and colouring services are all Cruelty Free, PPD and Ammonia Free.

All colour service prices are inclusive of toning, olapex, post colour dry and other services as stated under the category.

Not all colour services are bookable through our online widget. Offering you bespoke service means that bookings often vary and therefore tailored to your needs. If you are a first time guest or unsure of the colour service you require, please call the salon on 02070192191 so we can talk you through your options. If you have visited us in the past you have most likely pre-booked your next appointment!

We will take deposits for all colour services.
Deposits are refundable with a strict 24 hours notice.
Should you wish to reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you may do so and may carry over your deposit.
We will allow one reschedule with a carry over of your deposit.
A second attempt to reschedule or cancel the same appointment or failure to attend without notice, the 24 hour notice is null and void and will result in loss of the deposit and full amount of the service will be charged.
Cancelling an appointment with less than 24 hours notice will result in the deposit being forfietted or the full amount of the service charged.
Failure to attend your appointment will see the deposit being fortfeitted or the full amount of the service being charged.

Please arrive on time for appointments. Out of respect for following guests, arriving more than fifteen minutes late will be honoured at Stunt Dolly’s discretion. We reserve the right to cancel or modify your services as needed to stay on time for all following appointments.